My sweet little tama

My Neliatchi with personality lonely on day 4 holding a teddy bear and wearing a purple uni hat

Hey! I made it, i somehow managed to integrate jekyll with my obsidian vault and it all gets hosted nicely on Neocities!

All i gotta do is upload the fully “compiled” page once i’m done, which is really easy.

I even get myself a nice preview before it finished, it’s insane how well integrated it all is!

Now to make all of this look a little better. Idk if anyone noticed the slight change in color pallette, i’m using adobe image stuff to keep track of that and find some cool colors)

But that is Work for tomorrow, well.. today but it’s already 1 am so i got no time to do that.

It also automatically adds the latest post to the home page now! Isn’t that awesome???? I love it, anyways, goodnight internet.

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