My sweet little tama

My Neliatchi with personality lonely on day 4 holding a teddy bear and wearing a purple uni hat

Hey People,

So i’ve been playing one piece tcg lately, and for anyone that likes either tcgs, collecting things, and/or one piece. It is a huge recommend from my part. The cards look really cool, are affordable, and the game is super fun! It also rocks to have my opponent complain about the little girl that is resting all of their characters.

Here are some of my favorite cards!: Various One Piece TCG Cards And this is the favorite card of mine: OPTCG Card Depicting Sogeking

The Deck i’m currently playing is Green/Purple Dofflamingo. That means that the leader i’m playing is Doffy, and the colors of cards i can play with him are Green and Blue (kinda like in Commander in Magic the Gathering) He has a really good effect that gets me back resources every turn, which i can then use on the opponents turn to defend myself, letting me basically hold the line until it is time to unleash big Powerful cards that have big costs attached to them!

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